Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wrok wrok

Worked for a couple of hours today on MGR.

Alright. I'm putting MGR on the hiatus shelf for a while until I get a new job. I'll work on it here and there, but with it sitting in the back of my mind all the time it can put some stress on the shoulders. I also hate to admit it, but MGR, while it started out to be a fun project, has somewhat become slightly boring for me to work on. I will still create CNPC (Customer Non-Player characters) for people that donate $20 or more to the game, but that may be all I do for a while. School is about to start up again and all the jobs I've applied for are asking for full time. *sigh* They pay decent for my area too I suppose.

Aside from MGR going on a hiatus, I'm tempted to work on Summer's Sanctity because it feels more interesting to me. Maybe it's because it's just different. But I'll most likely put most of my time into Cowl of Symphonic Mysteries. I've been excited to make more for that game because it started out as a D&D campaign and became something more for me. It's also been a neglected child lately and needs attention.

MGR isn't dead though. It's still fun to work with and I'll add material when I can as I get CNPC donations or if boomerang flash (or anyone else) decides to send game events. I'll make attempts to fix bugs when I can, but at this point in my life I need a job while attending college this coming up semester. I hope you enjoy the game while I'm gone. For those of you that follow COSM, you will most likely see more updates for it in the future.

With love,


Friday, July 25, 2014

Thanks for the donations. Streaming this weekend

A few donations were given, and I appreciate it all. You guys don't know how much it helps me right now.

I'll spare you the stories and move on to the topic of MGR.

I'm going to attempt to stream this weekend on Sunday since my tuesdays and thursdays will not work out anymore. Boomerang has given me tons or work to do that I need to keep up with but haven't been able to get around to it.

I will most likely put this game on hiatus for a while once a certain amount of work is completed on it and work on Summer's Sanctity. I let Kialis play the version I had created for it so there's like 5-10 minutes of game play. Not really worth uploading, but at least you know I'm doing something with it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bug Fix Streams and Donation Run

Today I'll stream the bug fix version, although for some bugs I haven't a clue how to fix. Make sure you've got the RTP in the downloads tab, make sure you're using the right version and have deleted previous information, etc etc.

I've got a little time to stream today as finals are finally over and I made my A and a 100 on my final. However, let me explain my personal life for a moment... Since I quit my job I rely on funding from my barely making it freelance computer repair and some of which this game can get me. I like having internet and electricity. After next semester I will have graduated college. Classes end at the first week of December. I.E., please donate. I hate asking but it really helps. I need to give something back to my wonderful sprite maker and tip my script writer. Please keep all of us in mind when you play this game and with that, you will get your moneys worth because...

Custom Non-Player Character Time!

If you donate $20+ at any given time you can create a CNPC. Here are the rules step by step.

1. Donate $20 or more.
2. E-mail a CNPC request. Just say "I want a CNPC." Without quotes. I will email you back with a skeleton guide on how to get started with your character.
3. Follow the instructions on the guide and email me back the results and you're done. The next update will contain your CNPC.

I've already got 2 major adjustments I need to make for the game that Boomerang_Flash gave to me and a CNPC for a regular donator. Today however will be bug fixing and streaming. I will be checking on the events boomerang gave me so I may be a little spotty with the streaming so no one gets to see any spoilers for v11.

I appreciate everyone's time they've taken to post anonymously on my blog or on the chatbox. Please keep me informed about bugs and other issues and I will address them with a firey vengeance.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

v.10 Release - "WAT?! ALREADY?!"

Yeah. Already.

However! You must do the following.

  1. Remove any previous monster girl rancher data before playing this version. That includes saves.
  2. Hold on tight because Boomerang_Flash wrote a new introduction to the game that I worked six hours on to complete. It's way, way more awesome. A few things change though.
  • You can no longer name your assistant. Doing so would affect the game's story line. This is why I need your previous data removed.
  • A new way to obtain the fast travel that involves triggers and stuff are added. Basically a bunch of triggers/events/switches were made to create this new intro. 
In other words...


Why Wizzy, why??? Because. If you don't you're going to give me false hope of fixing bugs I'll hate forever and think they'll exist when they might not actually exist. That's what I call a user error. <3

  • You can choose to be a male or female in the start of the game. However, due to the lack of female scenes, and if you decide to pick a female, you'll notice that for some reason you have a dick at all times when you have sex. Sure, you can be a futa. You can change how you look with the chicken tokens if you want to switch over.
  • Huge new crazy awesome introduction! A major, MAJOR reason why you MUST delete any/all previous monster girl rancher data. I'm NOT kidding. I'll handle any bugs that come through on v.10, but this shouldn't be a problem nearly as bad. Again, I apologize for that horrid bug riddled update. I think I rushed the events too quickly and just skipped steps like I do in math.
That's basically it, however, while it sounds like only a little bit, it's actually a big heaping pile of ERHMAHGERD. I really hope you guys like it. Boomerang_Flash worked really hard on it and I'm sure he'd appreciate your thanks for writing the new introduction.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Several Problems with v.09 - Stand By... For Wizardcraft's SUPER FRUSTRATED MODE

And this is how I feel with RPG Maker right now.

Anyway, most of you are getting the whole "catgirl" or "$slime" or something to do with the characters or faces. I think this is because it DID affect old saves and the game was like "WHERE MY PIX AT?!" Well I kinda condensed it all so it'd be easier for me to work with. And it is. However, try making a new game and starting over, it should work. I'll try avoiding this error in the future. You can cheat with chicken tokens now. The first one is at the Arena just outside on the upper right hand side of the map. Give it to the talking chicken in Mora behind a tree, his head is poking out, and you can get 100,000 gold. Go nuts. There are 4 in total in the game.

Donations are coming in every month now thanks to a several wonderful people using money to lash me to a computer, which I'm okay with. So, to those of you that donate $20+ you get a CNPC and a mini quest. You can also request a monster girl you'd like to see in the next update. Sounds good, yeah?

I'll have the final fixed editions up tonight with all this being said.

If you want to tell me about a bug, please, for the love of whatever god(s) you may worship or a lack thereof, be descriptive. Some of these reports had me like

So please, tell me the error message that you got. Then tell me what the last thing you did was, and where you were. Three things. Don't say "It crashed, I was at the thing trying to boink the goblin" I only get so much from that.

The uploads tonight will be named "MGR v.09b" b for buttfuckingbuggobblingwizardcrafthumpingcameldrivingmidgettossingfartsniffingboinkers.

This is the most frustrating update ever. But worth it because most of you guys have been super helpful and super nice to me about this. Also, if you tried reading that huge line of fuck, ha. Got cha.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

v.09 Release!

The long awaited v.09 release is finally here!

I managed to squeeze in a few extras while I was changing some things up.

  • Cheating Chicken and Chicken Tokens
    • There are 4 chicken tokens in the game that you can use to "cheat" for some items. Currently, they are scattered around the game and they shouldn't be too hard to find. I'll tell you where the first one is... It's at the Arena's entrance outside on the far upper-right hand side of the map.
This update might cause saves to break, which is why I'm showing you were this token is. The cheating chicken is that chicken that's semi-hidden behind the tree just north of your ranch's entrance. Talk to him when you have a token to get a special cheat option. You'll either get 100,000 gold, 99x all healing items, the option to change your character into a female appearance. However, because of the normal scenes in this game, you're going to be called a "Futanari" or a girl with a penis, for those of you that don't know what that is. Another chicken token will change you back into a male again.

There will be more cheats later down the line, but this concludes v.09.

The CNPCs are finished with the exception of like two because they were late entries. Those will be put in the v.10 version. I don't know if the alchemy tutorial is fixed, I didn't get a chance to check it out just yet but I will make a post later if I have time to look at it and I'll explain how to make alchemy potions, even though there is only like two or three in the game that you can currently make. 

There are a couple of arena battles as well, enjoy.

Update v.09

So here's some good news. I got done with this update relatively quick so I can send an update out tomorrow. However, a couple of minor things need to be done.

  • Gotta add the weresheep to the interactions list
  • Remove that mimic part of the interactions list and add the cowgirl check
  • Add the dragon girl
  • Add the thunderbird
All the monster girls have a default name now because they are special and at the end of the main story line you'll be able to access their story line material. Some of them might require you to leave the country, as in leave the Sovereign Empire. Remember that sign going north? That "not updated" part of the map. Well that will eventually lead to the Kingdom of Norn. If any of you are familiar with Magic: The Gathering and guess what the Queen of that kingdom is named, I'll give you an internet.

These are just future plans though.

I've had a chance to weed out tons of bugs too, finally. I didn't even know how bad the interactions menu was until I double checked the bug list. Yikes. It was a huge mess, honestly, and I'm surprised you guys still enjoyed the game thus far. But thanks for sticking with me all the way though this endeavour. Also, I have to admit something... I am the master of typos. I tend to blank out pretty hardcore when I'm writing the most basic of things. I can grammar check someone's homework and they'll get a A+, but if I'm writing and I don't proof read, boy oh boy does it show. So please forgive my heinous typing skills, but I would like to partly blame this new INFERNAL HELLSPAWN OF A KEYBOARD I am being forced to use. The home button is right next to the backspace and the backspace is the size of a letter key. Oh god do I hate that. "Opps, missed the backspace again, gotta use the arrow keys or the mouse to click back and make sure I hit it this time... *2 minutes later* MOTHER FUCKING EVERY TIME FUCK FUCK DUCK FUCK MUST FUCK DUCK DUCK!"
And that's why I hate my keyboard.

TL;DR: Update tomorrow around 8 P.M.-9 P.M. Eastern Time. Streaming at 5 P.M. Did things. Made it better. You gon' like it me thinks. Also, I hate my keyboard.

With love,