Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last day of School - v.09 Order List

The last day of school is May 1st at my college. I only get 15 days, in which I only have one job to work with, finally. So that gives me more chances to actually work on MGR. Sorry it's been taking forever and not much progress is getting made, but I'm not dead yet. I'll keep everyone updated as finals end and my two week break begins. Next semester I'll be part time and I'll have much more time on my hands (hopefully), and during that time I'll be working at the one job I have and doing part time school leaving me with much needed time with my game.

I could use some motivation though. Concept art is super awesome, and I am still on the look out for pixel art/artist for this game. I can pay a small commission for each character. Let me know if you (a pixel artist/artist in general), are interested and I'll see what I can do for you. Thanks.

- Wizardcraft

This part below is mostly just for myself, just an update on what I want v.09 to contain.

  1. Player characters/mini-missions if applicable.
  2. A completed Arena map.
  3. A betting area to place bets on participants in the arena.
  4. The fighting ring where you'll battle your opponent.
  5. The first battle of the arena (VOTE IN THE POLLS FOR THIS OPTION) that will lead to story line material. Very, very important. Kinda makes the player have a purpose. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile Submissions Are Over - So here's an update

An update on my current living situations... As a full time college student with two jobs, I rarely find time to work on this game. So I can't be certain of when the next update will be. Donations speed up the process because I feel more obligated since people are paying me to get the game moving along. I do have somewhat of a social life, attending Friday Night Magic and going to a party like a normal fun person maybe once a week if I can. However, during the time I've been away and silent here, no one has contacted me about additional monster girl sprites after I asked them. That's a major bummer to this game since I wanted to add as many as possible to it without jumping to a high tier monster girls immediately. To me it would make the game pointless in game play/story line. Why even bother getting the best gear/levels/abilities you can when you could just get the bare minimum to defeat a so-and-so and run through the whole game without trying? Tiers man, tiers.

With that said I may start to finally work on Summoner's Sanctity more since I don't really need the sprites as badly like I do in MGR. SS only requires pictures of horrible things that I like that I tell no one outside my family. Ahem...

There is some good news though, and that is that I'm passed midpoint and my grades are all A's. (WOO) I recently got the second real job as a technician, but it's not going to turn into a career. The air in our place of business taste like dust. Yuck. Because I mentioned midpoint and the job, after this semester I won't be a full time student anymore. My college sadly isn't offering the crap I need to graduate in the summer, but I am a little happy about that because I'm getting burnt out on school and I'm almost sick of it at this point. I love learning, it's a big deal for me, but I like learning things that are important to me. *cough cough cosmology cough cough* So there should be more game making time.

Do not misunderstand, MGR will have it's update eventually. I will deliver. All profile submissions will be added into the game. I didn't get that many actually, maybe 6 or 7 of them, but they were all interesting for the most part and it was nice to see some creative minds out there. Thanks for your submissions, thanks for the $10 donation you nameless person, you're awesome for that. Most of my donations can go to artist bribery so I can get FREAKING COMMISSIONS KLSDHF09AWF0934JFS:dlFKHJA /end of random sadness. The commissions all go towards this game and I pay them through paypal.

I hate not having enough sprites or time to do the things I want when I'm alone at home and not busy or tired.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Arena Construction Complete - Fan Service Time

With the arena construction done, but no actual events taking place, I'm just gonna throw as much content into the game as possible before I get too burnt out on it, but I want to make it fun.

In the chatbox, or by emailing me if you want to get VERY detailed, you can make a brief (unless you send an email) character of YOURSELF that I can use as any random NPC. Your character can live in Mora or the Empire. You can have a monster girl around you, and you can use a fake name if you want. So if you're interested, fill out the form below. If you email me a decent character with a miniquest feature, I'll consider adding it as a miniquest. Don't make some epic thing I have to plan out. Think skyrim mini-quest. "I need this done.... Thanks, here's a prize!" =) Don't choose a monster girl that I don't have a sprite for. Example: Lamia, Gargoyle, centaur, and so on.

Character Information Form:

Age: (Must be 18+ however, you may appear to be loli/shota)
Race: (Try to stay away from being anything too crazy, as sprites and portraits are limited)
Things I Say: (This will be used in the actual game as dialog)

Obviously you can change this skeleton form if you wish, but I wanted to make something up that I haven't seen any other h-game do before and I think most of you will enjoy this little part of the upcoming v.09. Emails are much easier to handle with this form so the chatbox doesn't get too flooded. Here's my email for those of you that don't know it... wizardcraft9000@gmail.com I can't wait to see what you all come up with. I think this will be more fun than I intended.


P.S. If you make your character have a miniquest with a hentai based theme prize for completion, I will add warnings for gay encounters, rape, etc.. Yes, I'll letting you have a bad ending. Although this doesn't actually give you a game over screen. Have fun with this and be creative please and thank you.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quick Update on MGR and COSM

After I complete v.09, I'm going to go back and work on Cowl of Symphonic Mysteries because I finally gained all the data back from an old save file that had everything in it. If you've tried to play that game but couldn't download it because bayfiles/kickass was being complete shit, then could you go back and check out the new download section? I updated it with four upload websites including mega, mf, 2shared, and dropbox. If you play it let me know how you liked it. This is my primary game and it's sorta the one I'd like to work most on because I enjoy story telling and gaming.

Anyway, for MGR I've worked on nothing except the arena. I'm stilling trying to figure it out and test some things out before I release a finished product of it. I'll also be adding a debug system for MGR in Mora. It'll be a chicken hidden behind a tree (currently available in v.08c) that will talk to you and give you gold and experience points constantly. This is to help testers and for bug reports since I don't want you guys wasting time level grinding when we could be getting somewhere with it all. Otherwise, that's all the additions I'll put into v9, but this also includes the crater mission, and the previously listed goals from the earlier post.

Thanks for playing everyone and I hope you all have a great week.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

v.08c Update

This update addresses the following...

  • Bug issues (Most of them)
  • Typos
  • Arena - Unfinished but can be explored Arena information explained in game.
  • Minor amounts of lore added.
  • Story line progression. 


Mostly because your old save won't have all the bug fixes/edits that are compatible with the new updates. Yes, starting over sucks, but remember, there's a chest with 10,000 gold in at the shrine. Any bugs should be posted as a comment or said in the chatbox. Thanks for playing. I hope you enjoy this update.

When the upload is complete feel free to upload the copy to another website and post it where ever you like.

I believe DIRU is my favorite band for life unless something crazy happens to myself.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

v.08b Release


Here's a v.08b for you all. It should fix the ranch problems people were having. The "Fast Travel" note was moved to the entrance of your ranch in Mora. You can now go to Irzma, in the desert. There are more NPCs available in the Empire. Added some lore too. Let me know if anything else needs to be fixed. Here's a link. Enjoy. =]

MGR v.08b


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Well look at that, I'm finally working on the story line. Here's a goal list for v.09

So I completely forgot about some things I should have added in v.08 because of a data conflict. That's my bad. But that shouldn't happen anymore. I have like 5 copies of MGR strolled around my desktop like an idiot. *accepting IT punishments*

Anyway, I've compiled everything and have been working on some story stuff. Here's a brief recap on the main story line's purpose...

"???: Oh, it's you, [player name]! Why I haven't seen you since you were a toddler. I was your father's best friend growing up...


"???: How he died? What he was up to? Well, as you know he was a treasure hunter of sorts. Last time I heard he told me he'd found something that would bring great joy or horrible destruction to the world of both monster girls and humans. He died in a cave in at the deserts of Irzma on some kind of excavation."


"???: What's that? His monster girls? Indeed they left the ranch, but a hand full of the went with him on his journey. It was declared that he's passed away, but we never found any evidence. Why? Are you going to look for him? Ask around Irzma if you're really dedicated. It would be unsafe to go into a place you'd get killed in. Even though we're rival countries, Irzma isn't our enemies. We have a healthy competitive relationship as rivals, according to the empire... Look, if you go after you dad... assuming you find him... tell him I said hi. Even if he's... you know... He was a great guy to everyone, even your bitch of a mother, no offense. Let me know what clues you find along the way. I might be able to help you uncover clues if we have to follow a trail."


"???: Alright, see you around. Come back anytime."

Here's your taste of the story thus far. I hope it sounds semi-interesting to some of you. Sure it sounds cliche, but here's my deal... I love making things look cliche. If you've played my game, Cowl of Symphonic Mysteries, then you know I like making plot twist, even double plot twist when you think "oh well, I guess I could have seen that coming. Wait.. Wtf?" Yeah. I have a some pride about my story telling talents so hopefully I can pull a fat guy outta this rabbit's hat and surprise everyone with it. But yeah, I just wanted to share that your polls matter. I am watching them and replying to comments in the chat box.

I think I'll just use MEGA and Bayfiles to transfer data to you all. If someone else wants to upload it as a torrent feel free to, no restrictions for distribution because it's a free to play game. Amirite? ;]

Here's the v.09 goal list:

  • Arena. Start working on it. Try to finish it. STRIVE TO FINISH THE DARN ARENA!!!!
  • Add story line content. (This sorta involves the arena. It's like juicy filler/good information for those perfectionist)
  • Add some more posters.
  • Add a couple of mini-quest that have sexual awards like the succubus in the market of v.08.
That's all I'm gonna drop on my plate for v.09. The only thing I'll probably have a hard time with is the arena and the battle engine for it, but I'll figure it out, no biggie.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this story teaser. Thanks for reading.