Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sad News

Once again I have to put my time into this game on hold, for how long, I am unsure.

If someone would like to work on this game in my absence, email me and I will consider sharing all the details of this game with you. I will retain all rights to the game, obviously, it's my project and it's just for fun. I'll still answer emails and all that since this is one of my primary emails, but don't expect an update for a while.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mini Update!

Things done so far...

Finished Castle Holivaara. (But not the underworld)

Worked on grammar issues and typos thanks to Thethaumaturge. My English suffers at late night game sessions, apparently. lol

Finished the brothel. You can now acquire the pass to the back room from Madam Vera. The back room is pretty dull right now though. If you wanna write some sex scenes for a character you make up, email me at wizardcraft9000@gmail.com and let me see what you have. Otherwise, I'll be adding some myself.

Added more content to the sleeping maid lady. You can mess up her character though, as in, "bad end". Just admit to putting her clothes back on and you'll get the good ending. There's also a new picture after attempting to take off her skirt. You will start being able to find her in random places after you keep encountering her. This will be sort of an ongoing thing because she's a huge sleep perv.

New enemy, the Imp monster girl, located in Castle Holivaara.

Added a "monstergirls1" file to compensate for that stupid error I don't know how to fix. I don't know if it will fix the issue. If it doesn't, let me know, if it does, let me know anyway.

The progress has been a bit slow lately, mostly due to life getting in the way, but that's normal. I'll try to keep you all updated.

Things I need to do...

Add the wizardcraft side quest

Add character progression skills

Annnnnnd I would like to add things to Irzma this weekend.

The shops and people and stuff.

Because mephistoe was super cool and made a monster girl that I'm dying to display thanks to his work. Kialis has been working really hard too, and I can't wait to see what he's been doing.

I won't be working on the game this Sunday. I have a boffer to go to and I want to smack some people around! =D

Thanks for playing.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summoner's Sanctity Game

By now I'm sure most of you are familiar with what game's I've been slowly making progress on and I've got some good news for you.

At http://summonersanctity.blogspot.com/ you can now download and play Summoner's Sanctity.

It's SUPER SUPER short. You might play for 15 minutes. At best. But it gives you an idea where the game is headed.

If you can leave any bugs you find laying around and put them in that blog's chat box for me to find and clean up later. I'd appreciate it. There's not a whole lot of content at the moment. In fact, I doubt there's any, actually. I honestly don't think I have added any to it just yet. It's 7am and I can't remember. Huh. Weird.

Anyway, the game is about summoning things that you gotta make weird love to and all that junk.

If anyone is willing to make some art for it or MGR I can feature it in the game with your name/links you provide with it. Just some food for thought.



P.S. I will be working on MGR this weekend so I will be in the chat room for a while if you wanna stop by. See ya then.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bug Fixes & Story Line Progression

The Arena issue that ate your tickets is gone now (not uploaded yet). Being stuck in the Arena is fixed also.

Story line progression follows up with your assistant, Aurora, missing from the ranch. A mysterious person appears in your house and tells you that her body and soul are split into two separate entities now that you're the only one that can save her. But... why would her kidnapper do such a drastic action? For that much, you'll have to play the next update. The mysteries person will be located in your home at the ranch when your assistant is taken from the ranch.

Further updates will include the following...

  • More stuff in the Empire. General things to buy/more stores/new npcs/mini quest all located at the Empire.
  • The Location! "Underworld" a super evil place where you might not survive without the proper gear. Make sure you're well equipped. Holy damage is useful here. Story line stuff here too.
  • More bug fixes.
  • Character skill progression. Better skills, spells, and in-combat commands for your monster girls.
Expect this much in the next update. I may also work on Summoner's Sanctity later this week and if I can fix the issues I've been having with it, I will upload it for downloading. However, don't expect much. The characters so far are introduced, the first few scenes are in place, and some main characters will be in the version I release. I'd like to go over it a few times before sending an upload. Keep in mind that this isn't a monster girl game, although there will be some in it, that isn't the main focus. If you don't know much about Summoner's Sanctity, I suggest you look it up if you liked this game. A friend of mine jokingly said "So you're a hentai Yuna from final fantasy. I get it." You can decide that for yourself. It's just a fun project for me anyway. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading, beautiful people.


P.S. It's good to be back.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Next Week

Hiatus is nearly over. I've been planning to work on the game again for a while now. A few things are going to change.

  • I will attempt to update the game once a month. If it doesn't happen, oh well. I have a life outside of the internet and it gets in my way all the time.
  • I won't be streaming anymore. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed letting people watch my process, and all, but I'm REALLY lazy when it comes to doing certain things. Setting up a streaming thing again would be time consuming.
  • I get burnt out working on a single game for an extended period of time, so I will be dabbling in a couple of other games on the side whenever I feel the need. I will have a blog for the other games I'm working on and a list of those games at the end of this post.
  • I might not answer all the questions in the chat box about certain things like bugs, glitches, or give someone a full "how to" guide about the game. There is a guide tab in the links above, even though they're a little outdated. 
My hard drive crapped out on me recently and it's been replaced. I don't have to start the game over like last time (which was horrible) and I have most of my data backed up. A few things were lost, such as cnpc information, but that's in my pile of emails that's been accumulating.

I will work on the game starting next week and provide updates of its progress. 


List of (hentai related) games that I'm currently working on:

1. Monster Girl Rancher - http://monstergirlrancher.blogspot.com/
2. Summon's Sanctity - http://summonersanctity.blogspot.com/
3. Corrupted Kingdoms - http://corruptedkingdoms.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wrok wrok

Worked for a couple of hours today on MGR.

Alright. I'm putting MGR on the hiatus shelf for a while until I get a new job. I'll work on it here and there, but with it sitting in the back of my mind all the time it can put some stress on the shoulders. I also hate to admit it, but MGR, while it started out to be a fun project, has somewhat become slightly boring for me to work on. I will still create CNPC (Customer Non-Player characters) for people that donate $20 or more to the game, but that may be all I do for a while. School is about to start up again and all the jobs I've applied for are asking for full time. *sigh* They pay decent for my area too I suppose.

Aside from MGR going on a hiatus, I'm tempted to work on Summer's Sanctity because it feels more interesting to me. Maybe it's because it's just different. But I'll most likely put most of my time into Cowl of Symphonic Mysteries. I've been excited to make more for that game because it started out as a D&D campaign and became something more for me. It's also been a neglected child lately and needs attention.

MGR isn't dead though. It's still fun to work with and I'll add material when I can as I get CNPC donations or if boomerang flash (or anyone else) decides to send game events. I'll make attempts to fix bugs when I can, but at this point in my life I need a job while attending college this coming up semester. I hope you enjoy the game while I'm gone. For those of you that follow COSM, you will most likely see more updates for it in the future.

With love,